This is Earth, a ball of soil, water and life orbiting the sun. Japan is a country made of a collection of islands. It is located in the northern hemisphere in the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side of the Eurasian continent.

In this age human civilization coexists with nature. In Japan the majority of the population have developed nomadic lifestyles while the rest live in natural defensible areas developed into fortress cities.

Huge monsters lurk in the wilds. Nomadic culture has revolved around the respect of these beasts so much so that people have developed methods to journey in harmony with them the best they can.

People have an obscure depiction of history. The exploration of ruins only produce more questions about their past. Some theorize an ancient link to the present is missing. History shows legends of titanic figures at war, a civilization more advanced than they can imagine, however how it ended is still unknown.

Society has strayed from their origins and always believed that what they are now is what they have always been. Always striving forward and surviving as part of nature.

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